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Mon, Jan. 19th, 2004, 12:58 pm

Harry Potter

Truth, Dare, Double-dare, Promise to Repeat


Nicole Magee

Veronica Kabel



All Fun and Games…


            “I know! Let’s play that muggle game: truth, dare, double-dare, promise to repeat!” cried Nicole Magee. Although more often by her surname, she was a young blond with rectangular glasses framing cold, dark blue eyes. At this particular moment she was not in school uniform; instead she was sporting an eye-catching green turtleneck and formfitting black pants. She almost always wore green for it was one of her favorite colours, and represented her house at Hogwarts: Slytherin. She even had green nail polish, and silver jewelry to mach.

            “I never heard of that game,” said a pretty boy in disapproval. His name was Raigolen Majere, and was quite a sight to see. He was exceedingly tall with long platinum locks, which flowed like a shimmering river past his navel.  He shifted slightly closer to his Ravenclaw pal Veronica Kabel, not fully trusting this Slytherin friend of hers. And he had good reason not too. “How do you play?”

            “Oh it’s simple!” Maria Jose Lopez Chavez interrupted. This young woman was also dressed in a turtleneck; however, hers was scarlet, representing the Gryffindor house. The colour blended attractively with her tanned skin and ebony hair. “We spin a bottle, and whoever it lands on starts the daring. Then they spin the bottle, which points to the person-”

            “You mean points to the victim!” Magee smirked, cutting Maria off. “The victim than has to choose his or her fate!” She said dramatically, gesturing as she spoke with her booming voice. “Will you tell a truth? Dare a dare? Or perform a Double-dare! It’s all up to you, but the spinner asks the questions, and sets up the dares! And double-dares are allowed to be very challenging. However, I am making a change to one of the rules…” She leered. “The spinner chooses the two involved. Thus taking the daring to a whole knew level! Since the spinner doesn’t have to get involved, they can make it very interesting… ”

            “Oooooooooo! Nice, Magee,” awed Settie, (actually known as Stephanie Ptak on her birth certificate) the only Hufflepuff in the game. She had that strange nickname ever since she could remember. Magee said it was the abbreviated title of some Muggle Satellite, which, in all respect, suited Settie quite well for she wasn’t on Earth half the time anyway, “but what about promise to repeat?”

            “I am cutting that out.” Magee said simply. “It’s no fun. We are too old for that.”

            “I agree,” replied Kir Birger, the youngest member of the group. He too also resided in Slytherin.

            “Slytherins!” Tassie King taunted, swishing her chocolate brown pigtails. She was the second Gryffindor in the group and was perhaps on of the strangest members. Her eyes flashed crimson as she eyed her Slytherin friends.  “Always backing each other up! Can we ever find one of you alone?”

            “Shut the hell up Gryffindork! I can tell you right now you wouldn’t want to find one of us alone in a dark ally!” Magee counted humorously. “Let’s get this rolling. I’ll spin.”

            “So, no ‘promise to repeat’?” Veronica Kabel, the oval faced redhead inquired, shoving her slipping navy blue glasses up her nose with a heavily jeweled bracelet adorned hand. “And we really need to find an innuendo for your house.” She grinned.

            “Better watch your mouth Ravenslaw, or you’ll find yourself beside a side-order of fries!”

Veronica giggled. Even if the house name puns were quite stupid, they were amusing all the same.

“Yes, there is no ‘promise to repeat.’ And I actually have found an interesting innuendo for my house.” Magee said sardonically.

            “Tell us!” Maria cried, tugging on Magee’s sweater.

            “Like, I am going to tell you, Griffindork!” Magee laughed, while spinning the bottle. “Now, who will be first?” The bottle swirled for about another half a second, and landed back on Magee. “Well wouldn’t you look at that? Looks like I am first.”

            “You hexed that or something!” Veronica cut in, and then grinned. “Learned quite a bit while spending those summers at Snape’s eh?”

            She notably darkened at this. “Well, I couldn’t go back home, seeing that I don’t have one, and I wasn’t aloud to go to an orphanage, (not like I wanted to) so Professor Snape offered to look after me. It was fun exploring his house, it’s bloody huge! Plus the guy is loaded; I didn’t have to lift a finger. That damnable, creepy, disgusting house elf does everything.” She cringed as she mentioned Snape’s house elf Boggy; but it wasn’t just that particular house elf she loathed, she harbored a strange abhorrence for all house elves.

“Aw, you are so mean!” Maria said mournfully. “You should be nice to them!”

 “God I hate those things… And I didn’t hex it!” Magee said with a self-assured smirk. The smirk had been one of Magee’s most notable trademarks for only one other person could accomplish such a sneer. Three guesses on whom.

Veronica stuck out her tongue and Magee responded with a quirk of the brow, something Veronica wasn’t capable of doing. She tired nevertheless, but had to lift it manually with her finger. Magee grinned and spun the bottle again, after another split second, the head of the bottle landed on Veronica.

            “Damn… You so hexed that.”

            “My first victim!” Magee chimed, “And I didn’t hex it. Truth, dare or double-dare?”


            Magee gave a sly grin and Veronica immediately regretted her choice. “Who is you secret crush?” Magee said, putting a delicate stress on the words. “Who is the apple of your eye? The man you think about in the wee hours of the cold lonely night-”

            “Damn you!” She breathed, blushing a deep scarlet while she wrung her gloved hands. “I can’t believe you, Nicole! You already know, you git! You are just trying to get me to say it out loud!”

“Wow, you found me out! You are so smart!” Magee awed sarcastically.

Veronica moaned, giving a side wards glace at the platinum blonde beside her. It was better to tell the truth then to tempt one of Magee’s dares. “I-I like… Raigolan…” she said barely over a whisper.

            “What’s that?” Magee leered, cupping her hand around her ear.

            “I have a crush on RAIGOLAN!” Veronica yelled. Although it didn’t have much of an effect, her voice never did carry well. In all respect, the amount of jewelry she wore made more noise than she did on occasion.

            The small, candle lit room, (which was actually a storage cupboard on the third floor of Hogwarts) exploded into a small clamor at the reviled truth. The thin young man stood aghast, his golden hourglass eyes flashing. Raigolan was a new addition to the odd group of friends; strange as they may have been, he himself had always been a bit eccentric, if not completely nuts.

The oddly lanky boy possessed a strange dress fetish, suffered from multi-personalities and had the misfortune of looking like a girl until he was 15. Along with the fact that he had a rather flashy earring in his right ear, he was the topic of many snide remarks, whispered conversations and rude puns. He was also immensely unpredictable, flipping personalities like a fish out of water; the harsher side creating social problems while the nicer side lacked a backbone.

It is humorous to note that his multi-personality had severely confused the Sorting Hat, creating quite a show for the rest of the students as the hat kept on yelling out house names. Raigolan had two distinct sides to him: one was an ambitious, self asserted wizard seeking power, thus being more Slytherin; and the other was a courageous, yet shy and jittery justice seeker, thus being more Gryffindor (with the exception on having no backbone, but look at Neville.). After much debating amongst the two sides, the Sorting Hat had placed him in Ravenclaw simply because both sides had intelligence, and caused fewer problems that way. All in all, he was seriously messed up, and he knew it. Over all, since he never had a girlfriend, nor did he believe he ever could, he was completely stupefied by Veronica’s truth; and was now ecstatic; he had a crush on her since first year.

            “Really? You like us?” Raigolen squeaked unintentionally, he tried to say something but squeaked again. He really had to get this squeaking thing under control if he was going to get anywhere!

            “Ok, so it’s pretty evident that he feels the same way.” Kir mocked. “Spin the bottle! Lets get the show on the road before we get caught!”

            Veronica hissed at the Slytherin boy, and everyone broke out laughing. Taking hold of the glimmering green bottle, she wiped it around with great force.

            “You don’t need to break it!” Settie cried. Subsequently the bottleneck pointed in her direction. “Aw, shit.”

            “Yeah!” Veronica chuckled.


            “Do you think Snape is sexy?” Veronica leered.

            “Ugh, well his body is pretty-”

            “What kind of question is that?” Magee sputtered hotly. “I herby revoke the truth option, Settie, dare or double-dare?”

            “Aw, but, Magee…” Settie whined.

“Dare or double dare?” Magee forced.

“Dare is easer right?”

            “Yep.” Veronica replied.

            “Oh fine…Dare.”

            “I dare you to… kiss Dumbledore right on the lips, during supper at the Great Hall!”

            “Aw, man.” Settie whimpered mournfully. “I-I-I can’t! Don’t make me do it!”

            “I’ll make it harder!” Veronica warned.

            “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Settie sniveled.

            “Yes! Now things are cooking up, spin, Settie!” Tassie hollered, pulling off her fake evil laugh and throwing back her head. Settie spun the bottle lightly, trying to get it to land on Magee as payback for the dare; however it ended up pointing to the boy next to her.

            “Dare or double Dare?”

            “Double dare!” Kir replied.

            “Oh, ok. Um, the second person will be… Tassie!”

            “Oh boo! What’s the dare?” She asked.

            “…………… Oh I know! You two have to both slap Snape’s ass in class at the same time!”

            Everyone broke out in hysterical laughter. Veronica was practically doubled over, and Maria could barely breathe, but Kir and Tassie had a strange look on their face, a cross between disgust and amusement. Magee laughed half-heatedly. It was funny, but very disrespectful in her mind.

            “B-But, I...” Tassie stammered.

            “No 'buts' Tassie besides the Professor's!” Magee said, causing yet again uproar of laughter.

            “That’s not a double-dare!” Maria cried. “That’s just a normal dare!”

            “Too bad she already said it.” Veronica replied. “I can’t wait!”

            “Ok, it’s my turn now.” Kir said joyously, a brilliant dare taking hold of him. The          bottle landed on Raigolen. He turned slightly white.

            “Dare or double-dare?” Kir said with a devious smirk.

            “D-Dare.” He quivered. “And make it good!” He sneered as the other half of him took possession.

            “Dah? Who are we talking to now?” Kir said flabbergasted.

            “Both of us are known by the same name.” He smirked. “This being our better half.”

            “Hey!” his more compassionate side retaliated, manifest through a change in facial expression.

            “Ok, whatever… I dare you to hex Flich’s cat to say ‘Squib’ every time it meows!”

            “How intriguing, a wonderful example of our numerous skills!”

            Kir rolled his eyes. “Just spin Raigolen…”

            “Damn it!” Magee cried as the bottle landed on her. “Dare.”

            Raigolan’s eyes flashed deviously as he relished the idea of tormenting his rival. “Ok my Slytherin friend, as we are cursing Flich’s cat we want you to distract him by laying on a kiss! Make it long enough to give us time for the curse, and we do it tonight.

            “Ewwwwwwwwwwww! My God, that’s gross! I would rather kiss that old Dumbledore! Ick, you better make that curse pretty damn fast!” Magee hissed while spinning the bottle. It landed on Maria.

            “Oh no!” She whimpered. “Don’t make it hard, Nicole! Please... Dare.”

            “I have the perfect dare for you Maria!” Magee leered deviously. “Let’s see, shall I make you kiss Flitwick?”

            “No, no!”

            “Or… Yes…” She said caressing the sides of her mouth.

            “Nicole!” Maria whined.

            “Yes, you will confess your love to Professor Lupin during Defense against the Dark Arts BY sexually tantalizing him!”

            “WHAT? What do you mean?” Maria puzzled.

            “You are to talk sweet nothings into his ear, while running your hand up and down his leg!” Magee laughed.

            “Oh my God, Nicole! You just wait! I’ll get you back!” she made a mad grab toward the bottle, consequently, the bottle landed back on Magee. “YES!”

            “What!?” Magee swore looking down at the wayward bottle. “Ok let’s hear your grand scheme Maria! But I am dragging someone else down with me! Double Dare!”

“You man-whore!” Tassie cried hysterically. “Don’t drag us down to the abyss with you! Maria, pick Kir!”

            “Leave me out of this! I already have a nasty one!” Kir spat.

            “No, Settie is needed for this one.” Maria said.

            “W-Why?” Settie said in alarm.

            “Remember Nicole’s last dare? To draw that picture with Johnny Depp’s head on Snape and leave it on his desk saying it was from Harry Potter?”

“Yeah… it was really good.” Settie replied.

            Magee blushed.

            “You need make him look like that! That’s the dare! It would be so funny! And I want to see it!”

            “Oh My God that’s perfect!” cried Tassie. “That totally sexy voice with that yummy face! I can’t wait!” At this last comment the room silenced, and everyone began to look at Tassie like she had grown a second head. “Hey, you have to admit you wouldn’t refuse that voice in bed, as long as the lights were off.”

            “Oh God, Tassie…” Veronica murmured. “You will make out with anything that moves!”

            “Whoa wait! We can’t do that! We would get expelled if we got caught abusing magic on a teacher!” Magee shrieked; Tassie’s comment completely lost on her.

            “Then don’t get caught. I know your good at this stuff, Nicole, and Settie knows a good Vanity charm. This will be perfect! And its not forever, it will wear off.”

            “No way!” Settie sputtered.

“That’s beyond the rules!” Magee aggressed.

            “I guess that proves it eh, Maria? A Gryffindor would do it.” Tassie said slyly.

            “Yeah, those other houses are just not brave enough.” Maria shrugged. “Slytherins are just too scared; they are not daring or smart enough!”

            “And seeing that Hufflepuff is the reject house…” Tassie added.

            “Yeah, maybe if you weren’t such a scaredy cat, Nicole, you would be in Gryffindor with us!” Maria added.

She had struck a nerve. “You’re on!” Magee bellowed. “You’ll see! And as if a Gryffindork would be able to pull this off either! Sneaking out at night is one thing, but actually casting a spell on a teacher is another matter entirely! And not only that,” Magee laughed, “anyone residing in Gryffindork would not have the expertise for such an operation! We’ll show you right out the door! Settie are you with me?”

            “Yeah!” She cried with determination. “No longer will a Hufflepuff be a reject! We will be known as the ‘best dare puller offers in history’!”

            Slytherin Pride!” Magee bellowed at the top of her lungs.

            Hufflepuff Determination!” Settie roared in queue.

            “Who’s there?” Hollered a distant, angry voice.

            “It’s Filch!” Kir cried frantically.

            “What a perfect time to start the dares.” Raigolan said snickering. “Get your cloaks on everyone; we don’t want to get caught. Magee, we believe this is your queue to perform the kiss?”

            Magee groaned. “All right, everyone get back to your dormitories. Let’s go Raig.”


Magee led the way out. A light, obviously Filch, slowly made its way towards the group of students. Magee peeked around the corner, awaiting Raigolen’s signal. Filch’s cat was the first to emerge, Raig cooed, and Magee bolted out in front of Filch.

“Hey! What are you doin’ out of bed! Who are you?” He growled before he was thrusted to the ground by Magee’s strong arms. Howling in rage, Filch tried to force her off, but he was silenced as she lip-locked him. Thankfully, a burst of light flashed behind her, indicating that the hex had been made. Thrusting Filch back to the ground, she spat furiously and dashed off towards her dormitory.

“What the hell? Get back here you, you troublemaker! Show yourself!” He cursed, rising from the ground just in time to see them disappear. Growling he turned to his cat. “We’ll get them, Mrs. Norris!”

“Squib.” the cat mewed.

“Wha?” Filch spat in surprise, turning on his heel to look at his beloved cat.

“Squib?” The cat mewed again, looking rather confused. If a cat can look confused, that is.

Filch’s face filled with fury, his eyes wild with humiliation. “Those troublemakers! How dare they! We’ll get them, Mrs. Norris! We’ll get them! Let’s go get Dumbledore!”

“Squib, squib!” she mewed in determination.

“And Poppy...” He said with a quivering sigh. “We need to get that ‘speech impediment’ removed.” He rumbled.

Sun, Jan. 18th, 2004, 10:36 pm
seerkitteh: Absolutely unrelated

Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:
the chocobos are going to eat you!!!!!! %D
Vague Veronica says:
they will come for you while you SLEEEEEEEEEP %D
Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:
AHHHHHHHHH Breeding female chocobos attack me at night!!!!!
Vague Veronica says:
damn chocobos. why can't there be lesbian chocobos? that would make things so much more easy. > : |
Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:
Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:
Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:

Vague Veronica says:
Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:
well, I'm gunna go now
Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:
I can't even keep my eyes open anymore!
Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:
Vague Veronica says:
Vague Veronica says:
the chocobos will GET YOU %D
Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:
Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:
lock them up in their cages to breed and never set them frreeeeeeee!
Vague Veronica says:
but I gotta let em out every now and then
Vague Veronica says:
racing them gives them that special "oomph" in bed > : D
Vague Veronica says:
then they breed better!
Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:
*dies laughing*
Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:
Steph- wow, if I go to Mac next year, I'll be so far away from home! says:
does this mean that human runners are better in bed????
Vague Veronica says:
Vague Veronica says:
I shall have to conduct research.

Sun, Jan. 18th, 2004, 07:59 pm
seerkitteh: This is a test.


I'm trying to catch wonderful chocobos in FF7, but the damn things are being sneaky. I'm getting only females. I NEED BREEDING STOCK, DAMNIT! >:|

There. A post has been made. :D

Sun, Jan. 18th, 2004, 07:58 pm
mistress_magee: Damn this better work this time

1, 2, 3, do you work?!